Don’t let our tools control us.

Beau Gordon
1 min readSep 16, 2023

When I was a boy, I like boys. So I labeled myself as gay because i was told that if you like boys you are gay. that led me into a community of gay boys. Which was really fun. But that separated me from people who aren’t gay. Separated me from women. And instead of defining my sexuality, the word Gay dictated my sexuality. It lead me to avoid physical intimacy with women. But over time I started to yearn for female energy. For a community with diverse bodies and minds. But those needs were not getting met because I was only part of the gay community with gay men.

So I stopped identifying as gay last year, and it turns out even though I like boys I also like girls. I like boys more. But I also like girls. And freedom from the gay label has enabled me to connect with beautiful new communities full of diversity.

So evaluate what label to use. Evaluate if the behaviors that these labels promote feels good in your body. And if they don’t, maybe choose a different label or don’t use a label and just let yourself explore.

Words are tools. and I think it’s important that we control our tools, don’t let them control us. Especially when it comes to incredibly powerful tools like artificial intelligence.