Finding Purpose in Togetherness: Reimagining a Harmonious Society

Beau Gordon
2 min readSep 13, 2023

Growing up, the idea of dedicating a lifetime to work felt monotonous. As adults, many of us chase the dream of buying a home, only to find an underlying void once achieved. It’s as if, in our modern society, we’ve distanced ourselves from genuine connections, fostering feelings of loneliness and lack of purpose.

But, there’s hope for change.

I recently attended Burning Man, an event that serves as a crucible for societal experimentation. Here, commerce takes a backseat, replaced by the beautiful concept of gifting. Amidst the vast desert, while dancing to the sun’s first light, a surprise McDonald’s cheeseburger was offered to me by a group of strangers. This simple act led to a profound realization: sharing and connection bring deeper joy than mere ownership.

Inspired, I’ve embarked on a quest to establish an intentional community in breathtaking locales, be it New Zealand, Alaska, or California. We aim to find a sprawling land, blessed with rivers, forests, and mountains, that remains resilient in the face of climate change. Our vision is to cultivate a diverse community where everyone is radically accepting of one another. Beyond just living, this space will serve as a haven for innovation, encouraging its residents to devise solutions to pressing global challenges.

While the blueprint is still in the works, collaboration is key. If our vision resonates with you, let’s connect. Together, we can redefine societal norms and rediscover purpose. Much love to you all.