Making up characters

Beau Gordon
1 min readNov 26, 2020


“They repealed Roe v. Wade. I’m retiring to my room to drink my liquor cabinet. See you in hell.”

“Calm down, you’ll give yourself a nose bleed” said Margo, taking Phillips arm, leading him into the garden. She patiently listened to him as they circled the peonies. They wept, clinging to each other.


At the edge of the galaxy, Marcus hung in space. His naked body shrouded in darkness, exhausted from the previous days games, he slept.


Patricia slammed her hand on the boardroom table. “I will not let him work at this company when his actions are antithetical to our values.

“The assistants offered to resign so they can be together.” said Thomas

“Thats even worse. Can you imagine the headline. Top executives assistant resigns to he can fuck her without consequence.”

A note to the reader

Dear audience. I feel compelled to clarify that the characters where born of my imagination. They live in the rafters of my mind, fading and flourishing on a whim. I suppose, in this world, I am God. How curious.