Powers — you’re a little machine with capabilities. You just need to figure out what they are and level them up

Beau Gordon
2 min readSep 15, 2023

When I was a boy, life seemed extremely boring. So I played video games. Which was fun because I had a character that had powers and a quest which gave me a purpose. But I’ve learned that life is also kind of a game. I am a character in this world and I’ve started to identify what my powers are. I’m good at understanding systems, storytelling, dancing, making people smile.

Discovering my powers was challenging. I had to do a lot of exploration. I had to think about the things that I like to do and the things that interest me. I then tried lots of things to see if they felt good. When I first started storytelling, I was terrible at it. And it was really painful to continue to practice. But I’m glad I did because i got better and I can now use my storytelling to influence the hearts and minds of many humans to create a world, where all humans can have fun and live in harmony with nature.

Figuring out what your powers are takes bravery, experimentation and time. Don’t be afraid to go out and try things. Try woodworking, mechanics, storytelling. See how it feels in your body when you try that thing.

Once you’re good at something, you can use that power to invent sustainable products, or improve human systems so we can create an abundant world where all humans live beautiful happy lives in harmony with nature. I believe in you.