The Solution — A plan for creating a world where all humans live happy lives in harmony with nature

Beau Gordon
2 min readSep 14, 2023

So how do we create a world where all humans can have fun and live in harmony with nature? You, me, we need to work together to solve a few juicy problems and adjust some of our societal systems.

For example, capitalism is a system where a bunch of humans make things, and then they exchange those things for money so they can exchange that money for more things. This system was realy useful for a while, enabling us to have an industrial revolution and create a global society. But this system is optimized for maximizing production and consumption. It is not optimized for enabling humans to live happy, lives in harmony with nature.

the people who run corporations are incentivized by a capitalist system to own capital. So they create things like energy and houses. And they sell those things to make money but in order to make as much money as possible, they make energy and houses in a way that causes our planet to heat up. And they don’t want to change how they make the thing because they think it will cost them money. These people aren’t bad. They’re just in a system with the wrong incentives. A system that incentivizes them to own capital.

So how do we change that incentive?There are three levers available to us. Technological innovation, policy and markets. We can use technological innovation to invent products and resources that are more sustainable and cheaper than existing alternatives. we can then use markets to get those products adopted globally. We also need to use policy to encourage people to work on innovations and discourage people to work on unsustainable products.

we can then manufacture and manage those resources with automation and artificial intelligence so we don’t need humans to do the work.

Once the world has free, unlimited labor, and free sustainable resources. The 1% who owns all of this capital will realize that there are less and less people who can buy their products because those people don’t have jobs. The jobs have been replaced by robots an artificial intelligence. So it will no longer make sense for the 1% to own all of the capital. And we can use policy to legislate that the 1% should share access to this capital. For example, the energy produced by fusion reactors all around the world could be made available to everyone for free.

And a world where everyone has access to resources so their basic needs are met is a more beautiful world where people don’t suffer and when you’re not suffering, you can thrive and connect with others and invest energy in living in balance with our ecosystem.